Records of Hawk Moths (Sphingidae) from Vermont, USA

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22 December 2021
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Occurrence data for Hawk Moths (Sphingidae) of Vermont derived from specimen data from collections and verified photographs from observers. A faunal checklist published in 1995 ( listed 28 species for Vermont. This dataset adds 9 more species to the faunal list for Vermont. Part of this dataset was contributed to This study demonstrated that at least ten of the 26 species examined, or more than one-third, were found to be in long-term decline or locally extirpated, whereas four species increased from 1900–2012 in the northeastern U.S.

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Trish Hanson
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Geographic Coverage

State of Vermont, United States, North America

Bounding Coordinates South West [42.65, -73.652], North East [45.04, -71.455]

Taxonomic Coverage

The Sphingidae, a family of moths (Lepidoptera), commonly known as hawk moths, sphinx moths, and hornworms

Family sphingidae

Project Data

Title Vermont Atlas of Life
Identifier VAL
Study Area Description State of Vermont, USA

The personnel involved in the project:

Sampling Methods

Variety of ad hoc collecting across Vermont.

Study Extent State of Vermont, USA

Method step description:

  1. unknown

Collection Data

Collection Name Vermont Atlas of Life on iNaturalist
Collection Identifier
Collection Name Scott Griggs personal collection
Collection Name UVM Entomology Research Lab
Collection Name UVM Zadock Thompson Natural History Collection
Collection Name Vermont Forest, Parks, and Recreation Department - Forest Biology Lab
Collection Name Warren Kiel personal collection

Bibliographic Citations

  1. Grehan, John R. et al. 1995. Moths and butterflies of Vermont (Lepidoptera): A faunal checklist. Misc. Publ. 116, VMC Bull. 1, 86 pp.
  2. Young BE, Auer S, Ormes M, Rapacciuolo G, Schweitzer D, et al. (2017) Are pollinating hawk moths declining in the Northeastern United States? An analysis of collection records. PLOS ONE 12(10): e0185683.

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Alternative Identifiers 97f3fa73-3195-4af9-a14e-07030f00db96